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Lash Extensions

Who doesn’t want full, long, luscious lashes?! Want to cut down your morning routine by 5/10 minutes - lash extensions will become your new best friend in no time! With a full set of lashes you never need to worry about wearing mascara or applying strip lashes ever again!

How Does it Work?

Once we choose the curl that will give you your desired look, it’s go time! The process works as followed - an extensions is glued to every individual lash that can support and hold the weight of extensions. The lash is not adhered to your skin like a strip lash is, but instead is literally an extension of your eyelashes. This process takes anywhere between an hour and a half to three hours - it all depends on your lashes. A consultation is always required if you are a new client.


Now that you have your full set - what’s next? In about 2 - 3 weeks after initial application, a fill will need to be done. This replaces all the lashes that were once there but have fallen out. Lashes fall out for many different reasons. After a while the bond between the glue and lashes just wears down, and also you lose lashes naturally because of the natural hair cycle.


There are a couple different styles of lashes that you can choose from as well!


There’s the traditional classic lashes, which is one extensions per natural lash. This gives a more natural look, but for some is a great starter set.


Next we have the hybrid lashes. These lashes are a mix of volume and classics. You get more volume with these then you would with classics, but they’re not as full as the volume lashes. These are perfect for anyone who wants a little more!


And lastly is the volume lashes. These are the fullest extensions. A fan of lashes will be placed on each natural lash to give you the most dramatic results.

Now Let's Get to Lashing!

full classic lash set : $160

1 week fill : $45

2 week fill : $70

3 week fill : $85

full hybrid set : $190

1 week fill : $50

2 week fill : $90

3 week fill : $100

volume set : 230

1 week fill : $60

2 week fill : $110

3 week fill : $120

Lash Extensions 

each fill includes a complimentary lash bath!

Lash Lift + Lash Tints

A lash lift is perfect for anyone wanting a low-maintenance service, or starting off at lash services. A natural enhancement that hold your lashes in a curl for 6-8 weeks. me. It's easy.

Lash tints are perfect for the blondies! Tinting the lashes automatically makes you look wide awake, and you can pass on the mascara! Tints last about 3-4 weeks! 


lash lift + tint : $105

lash tint : $40

Lash Lift + Tint

Weekly Lash Fill Packages

Classic Lashes

One Month : 180

Three Months : 520 (saving $20)

Six Months : 972 (saving $108)

Hybrid Lashes

One Month : 200

Three Months : 580 (saving $20)

Six Months : 1080 (saving $120)

Volume Lashes

One Month : 240

Three Months : 700 (saving $20)

Six Months : 1296 (saving $144)

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