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Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is perfect for everyone! It’s essentially a perm for your brow hair. Combing and aligning each individual hair to give you the fullest, cleanest look.

The Brow Lamination lift lasts 6-8 weeks! This service includes a complementary tint that lasts about 3-5 days on the skin and 2-4 weeks on the hair, and a brow shaping.

Brow Lamination : 140

Includes a brow shaping, brow tint, lamination and brow highlight

Brow Shaping + Tints


Brows will never go out of style. The easiest way to clean up and maintain your brows is regular waxing appointments! Has it been a while since you touched your brows? Don’t worried - I got you covered! I pride myself in being the “brow queen” and can help you shape your brows!

Please make sure before booking any waxing appointment you discontinue use of Retinol two weeks prior to your appointment.


This tint not only allows you to get away with not having to fill in your brows, but gives your brows a naturally fuller appearance. A brow tint lasts about 3-5 days on the skin, and 2-4 weeks on the hair.

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First Time Client Brow Shaping : 50

Brow Clean Up : 30

Brow Tint : 40

Brow Tint + Clean Up : 70

First Time Shaping + Tint : 90

includes consultation, brow mapping, wax and brow highlight

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